B-121 Me Too! Driver – Hollie Woodhouse Navigator – John Vaudin The Me Too Team are racing their 21ft phantom powered by a Mercury 150 Pro XS engine. Hollie took a break from racing for a while to train as a safety officer and is now event organiser for the Guernsey Gold Cup. It’s now time for her to step back in the driving seat. After a long winter preparing the boat its ready to go and pre-season testing is well underway. SPONSORS: Dave Brook Plumbing, Fastcraft Marine, Earlham Construction
Frank Le Tissier and Pierre Le Tissier B-19 Prime Suspect is an Ocke Mannerfelt winged monohull fitted with a Mercury 115 PRO XS. This boat was purchased by Frank in mid-2013 but kept under wraps with the focus being the 3B World Championships in September 2014. Since then, Frank has spent endless hours completely stripping and re-building the rig in preparation for the 2019 race season. The season started great for this team securing 300 points towards the championship. Missing a turn mark resulted in them being bumped from first into second place in the Poole bay 100 race. Pre-season set up and testing began early for this pairing who are already looking to provide great competition in their class and potential winners. SPONSORS: Prime Scaffolding (GSY) ltd








E36 Mr Mako Driver – David Foa Co-Driver – Charles Swales Mr Mako is a 9 metre Pascoe designed rib powered by twin Mercury engines totalling 400hp. David and Charles competed in the 2018 UKOPRA race series and placed 4th overall in the Poole 100 event. They then went on to compete in the infamous Cowes Torquay event in which they received 1st in class and 5th overall. SPONSORS – Teng Tools, Ultra Dry Bags, Laurent Perrier Champagne










B12 Biretta Due Jean-Pierre Neels Thomas Vandamme Mairjke D’Hondt Biretta Due is a 13m Buzzi rib powered by twin Cummins engines totalling 1200hp. In 2003 Jean-Pierre Neels and Thomas Vandamme made their appearance in Powerboat racing with a successful participation in the Aqua Raid in Italy. In 2004, driven by passion and adrenaline, they participated in the “24 Hours of Saint-Petersburg” and in the “Belgian Offshore Challenge” in the home waters of Zeebrugge and Blankenberge. After their participation in the “24 hours of Saint Petersburg” they decided to build a new race boat for that kind of races in their own workshop. So said and done, less than a year later the customized “Channel 16” raced with the pilots (Anthony Liénard, Amoury Neels and Frank Willemkens) in International Waters. The subsequent years Jean-Pierre, Thomas and the Marine Technics Racing Team joined the International Racing Circuit, participating in the “Red Sea Rally” in Egypt, the “Championnat de France” and the “Belgian Offshore Challenge” to add several trophies to their collection











B9 Dry Martini Christian Toll Mike Bontoft Michael Peet Dry Martini is a 35ft Cigarette powered by twin Chevrolet motors totalling 1300hp. The boat was built in 1973 and raced by Richie Powers for Carlo Bonomi in the 1974 season. It has an impressive history with a win in the Bahamas 500 race and subsequent World Championships in 1974. Mike Bontoft fully restored the boat in 2010 and it has stayed original and been raced by the team since.












B-92 Lovely Jubbly Bubbly Gareth Keast and Dave Corbet Lovely Jubbly Bubbly is a 21ft Argo Cat powered by a Mercury 114 Pro XS 4 stroke. Gareth purchased the cat in the winter of 2018 after racing previous years in Phantom 19s and a 22ft backdraft. He has opted to run in class 3 with a 115 rather than the original 200hp xr2 that had been run on the boat previously. The boat has a long racing history with many achievements including speed runs up Coniston in the 90s. The team have been preparing for the 2019 UKOPRA race series and have been testing a lot to achieve the best set up. It paid off with a first place in the Poole Bay 100 race. SPONSORS – Oracle Finance, Re Design, Offshore Power, Boat Mechanical Repairs




N10 Beaver Returns Thomas Pelham and Brian Pelham Beaver returns is a 25ft Revenger hull designed by Don Shead and powered by twin Chevrolet motors totalling 700hp. Brian has a long history of racing with 20 years in the sport, his son Thomas joined him in 2015 to become driver of Beaver Returns. Together they have raced the Cowes Poole events and the Jersey event in 2016. The boat won the round the island race in 2000 and the team were successful in winning N class for the 2018 season.











B88 Dirty Deeds Sue Cosgrave and Rick Turville This is the first year Sue is driving after having raced Dirty Deeds since 2016. Sue is teamed up with newcomer to the sport and partner Rick Turville. Sue placed in all three races during the 2018 season, gaining 9th place in Poole, 1st place in Falmouth and 2nd place in Cowes. These placings resulted in receiving the 2018 Navigator championship trophy and being recognised as a Lady of the sport. Sue was presented with the Raymarine Ladies Perpetual trophy.
X51 Jupiter Rob Lister and Nick Crouch Jupiter is raced by the Madcrab Offshore Race Team of Rob and Nick. It is a 23ft Forgecraft built in 1985 powered by a 230hp Mercury engine. The boat is well known and has had numerous wins in its racing history. 2013 saw the first win at Torquay in the NRC series, it then went on to achieve 3rd place in 2015 at Cowes. Following those successes the team managed to secure further wins at Cowes in 2016 and 2018 and a 4th place finish in 2018 at the Poole Multi Spark Challenge The team have been faced with many challenges over the winter after damaging an engine whilst carrying out some pre-season testing, they are in the process of rebuilding it now and hope to get back to testing very soon.













B52 Kermit Peter Clarke and Rich Comben Kermit is a 19ft Marshan raced by Peter and Rich for the first time as a team in 2019. They have recently swapped the original engine for a Mercury 135hp and have spent time over the winter trying out new set ups. Peter raced in OCR and class 2 back in the eighties and early nineties and was pretty successful. Peter and Rich met last year when Rich did his assessment for a race license, since then they both ran Marshan’s for the rest of the season and more or less became team mates under the Ocean Performance Craft name! Once the season was over, they agreed to pair up and race the 192 with a few modifications! With Petes knowledge and Rich’s sheer determination/blind optimism they are almost ready to race!




A21 Pippa Andrew Smith, Jack Weller and Matthew Smith Pippa is a 40ft Buzzi rib powered by twin Seatek engines totalling 1500hp. The team purchased Pippa in 2018 and have spent the last 5 months extensively stripping and re-building the boat after it sat dormant in a barn for 6 years. Early testing has shown great results so far and the team are looking forward to the first event in their newly built rig in June













A26 Motorvated Racing Kerry Bobin and Barry Culver A26 is a Phantom 19G designed and built by John Guille as the original 19G for the Guernsey 2014 World Championships. After Guille won that championship he sold the boat to Kerry and it has since gone on to place 2nd in the 2015 World Championships and 1st in the 2016 World Championships. The team have an impressive history of racing (mainly because they are ancient) including nearly 20 years with Barry in which he raced everything from Class 3 to X Cat and 3C. The pair have opted to race together in the 2019 UKOPRA championships and Kerry is hoping Barry’s navigation prep work is better than his hairstyling skills.


A-9 Tommy One Maurizio Schepici and Giampaolo Montauoci Tommy One is undoubtedly one of the most well known boats competing in the series this year. The hull is a 12.6m Metamarine powered by seatek engines totalling 1900hp. As well as receiving the world record this year in the long distance offshore category averaging 90 knots, completing 15.5 nautical miles in 10 mins 49 seconds the team also gained first position in the Poole Bay 100 race meaning they were also awarded the famous needles trophy for their efforts. 2010 – Champions of the Mpndo Endurance Group B 2012 – Rome Offshore Speed Race Trophy winners 2014 – Vice champions of the World Class One V 2014 – Carpentieri Trophy awarded 2015 – Vice World Champions V1 2018 – Long distance offshore world champions














A-47 Bullet Offshore Racing Drew Langdon and Miles Jennings A-47 is a highly impressive 43ft Outerlimits hull powered up to 1900hp by Mercury Engines. This pairing have a long history in the sport including numerous World Championship titles and records galore. Drew and Miles have competed in basically every class of offshore racing throughout the years ranging from the Macau powerboat championships in Asia to Class 1 Offshore racing in the states. Unfortunately it was not meant to be in the recent Poole Bay 100 race when supercharger and drive failures saw this crew limping over the finish line, although still receiving valuable points towards the championship. The boat is now fully repaired and the team are excited about the Guernsey Event.



B-98 Wild Eleven Jerome Brarda, Eric Adam and Gordon Compton Wild Eleven is a 38ft Cigarette hull powered up to 1900hp by Mercury Engines. This team have an extensive racing history and have raced all over the world receiving many awards throughout the years. As they purchased Wild Eleven just last January, the team spent the months since preparing and tuning the machine, which is powered by two 600HP Mercury V8 engines. Unfortunately, with just about ten minutes left in the 1.5-hour race in Poole, Wild Eleven suffered fuel pump difficulties and had to retire. But Brarda, whose involvement in the sport goes back to 1986, pronounced himself delighted with her performance. Wild Eleven raced under the flag of Monaco, where she is registered. Brarda, an American sportsman, raced under the US flag, while Eric Adam flew the French tricolour and Gordon Thompson the Union Jack. Adam’s involvement in motorsports spans more than 30 years, starting in powerboats in the Leader Offshore Racing team of the late ex-Formula 1 driver Didier Pironi, then in rallying, then managing a major car racing team with Ferrari in the prestigious World Endurance Championship. Taking on the role of throttleman with Windcraft marks his return to offshore powerboating.












B-8 Bubbledeck Richard Carlton, Phil Payter and Neil Payter Bubbledeck is a 40ft Cigarette hull powered by twin Chevrolet engines up to 1500hp. This team recently competed in the Poole Bay 100 race and secured a third place. The boat was purchased and raced for the first time by its new owners in 2015. Up until 2018 they raced in the Cowes Poole race but have since upped their game and are now competing with the big boys in Offshore 1. With Richard being a Guern himself he is hoping local knowledge will ensure the teams up to scratch with the race course so they can continue on through the points.
C-1000 Blastoff Dorian Griffiths, Will Stevens and Paul Etasse Blastoff is a 38ft Fountain hull powered by Yanmar engines totalling 880hp. This team had a rough time in the recent Poole Bay 100 race after hooking a lobster pot whilst up there in the front runners inevitably ending their race and causing major damage to the drive. Many man hours later and the team are very close to finishing the repairs. For the Guernsey event they have fellow guern Paul Etasse in the team hoping local knowledge will be enough to secure them a good position in the points table. If there was an award for dedication and commitment this team would certainly be up there for the sheer determination to get repairs finished in time.
E-54 Nick Gilley and Jon Fuller is a 32ft XS-IF Marine hull powered by Steyr-Motors powered up to 600hp. The team recently competed in the Poole Bay 100 race and it was a welcome return for them after a long break from the sport. They went on to place second in the Offshore 2 class. Sponsored by this team have all the party wear on board needed for a crazy weekend on the island.
























N-13 DB Marine Brian Peedell and Andy Yeo DB Marine is a V24 with 350hp. Driver: 65yr old Slough man, Brian Peedell first started racing in OCR 2 litre class back in 1995. Brian then got their Ocke Mannefelt 2 litre B23 ‘Batboat’ through to many podium places over the years all over the UK, Europe and Scandinavia in National, European and World Championships. They also raced a 1.3 litre World Championship in a Mannefelt B19 and got the National Speed record for that engine class at Lake Coniston. Wife Pat stopped racing that year as she was getting dangerously close to bus pass age! Brian had the most amazing experience of racing in the Round Britain 2008 race which lasted 9 days in a rib with Gordon Compton and came third in their class. He achieved a World Speed record in his V24 on Lake Coniston in October 2018. Nav: 41yr old Andy Yeo from Plymouth started racing in the V24 with Brian in 2016. He has built boats for 13 years and works for the biggest superyacht manufacturer. He raced in 2016 P1 Superstock championship. He and Brian were 2016 OCR Class I winners, 2017 Class I and overall winners. He was awarded the Duckhams navigator trophy in 2017


N-111 Flash Back Steve Roussel and Ryan Woodhouse The only Guernsey Class 3 “N” Entry is the Father and Son team of Steve Roussel and Ryan Woodhouse racing their Cougar sport cat “Flash Back”. Flash has undergone a full refit for this season having rebuilds on both motors and a new fuel system fitted. Being built specifically for offshore racing the pair are hoping for not too flat conditions and are looking forward to racing with the rest of the UKOPRA fleet. With the recent success of the Guernsey crews in Poole Steve as GPA Chairman is hoping for a good position in the Guernsey event if the ageing Yamaha’s hold together.
















X-50 Southampton Dry Stack Dennis Clemson and Lee Katterhorn X-50 is a 23ft Forgecraft powered by a Mercury 200hp. They carried out an extensive rebuild on the well known original Condor Ferries hull over the winter and have recently competed in the Poole Bay 100 race. Unfortunately the team were one of many to miss a turn mark so were awarded a time penalty. This left them in fourth place but still in the points



X-6 The Chiseler Jamie Owens and Chris Owens The Chiseler is a phantom 21 powered by a Mercury 200hp engine. The team recently competed in the Poole Bay 100 race, their first race in the phantom. All was going well until a complete powerhead failure which saw con-rods and pistons exiting the block in spectacular ashion. They have since sourced another powerhead and have been working tirelessly to repair it in time for our event. The team have already extensively rebuilt the boat once after it had sat dormant in a field for over 15 years.











X-46 E-Marine Racing Glynn Norvall and Charlotte Camsey The hull is a 21ft Marshan powered by a Mercury 200hp engine. Glynn and Charlotte have paired up for this years championship after meeting in the Asia Macau powerboat championships earlier in the year. The first event in June at Poole saw an early retirement for the team who are hoping to be back on top form for the Guernsey event.


A-66 Malc Dopson and Andy Hiscox A-66 Racing is a phantom 19g hull powered by a mercury 115pro XS. The team had a great first race together in Poole after finishing in second place. Unfortunately due to a missed turn mark they suffered a time penalty that resulted in an extra 10minutes being added to the overall time and they were bumped down to third place. Still, they are in the points and well set for another possible podium finish in the rough waters of our island.











A-22 Multispark Dave Sheldon and Chris Bailey A-22 is a phantom 19g powered by a mercury 115 pro xs. The team secured fourth place in the recent poole bay 100 race after also missing the turn mark. Dave has a long history of racing, he started in the 90s and progressed through nationals, Europeans and world events. He has raced everything from thundercats to the Asia powerboat championships right through to offshore racing.